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10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an MSP

Selecting a managed service provider (MSP) is an important decision. The right choice will enable you to maximize your investment in IT and accomplish your business goals. The wrong choice can make you rue the day you selected your MSP. Partnering with an MSP is typically a long term relationship so it is critical that you perform due diligence before making this decision.
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Why “Between” is the Most Important Word in Cybersecurity

In our cybersecurity practice we are constantly evaluating new technologies. And there are some exceptional products coming into the market. There are technologies to intercept, identify, analyze, isolate, execute, observe, model, correlate, and many other necessary analyses. But as sophisticated as all of these products have become, it seems to me that it all comes down to “between.”
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PCNet Changes Name to Corserva

As of January 1, 2017, PCNet, Inc., is now Corserva, Inc. The name change reflects the company’s broader managed services offerings and its expertise in delivering advanced technology solutions to its clients.
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8 Arguments Against Business Continuity Management

Most executives would agree that business continuity is important, maybe even critical, to the operation of a business. Where they may hesitate, however, is when it comes to spending money on this initiative during challenging budget times.
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Cybersecurity - Will You Be a Victim or Survivor?

While most mid-market company executives believe that they will make it through a cybersecurity incident without significant harm to their business, the facts show that 60% of all mid-market companies hit by cyber-attacks are out of business within six months.
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