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PC backup service
Lisa DeVotoSeptember 12, 20192 min read

Gain Business Disaster Recovery with Corserva's PC Backup Service

Everyone knows how important it is to back up your data to ensure business continuity. But that's not always easy in today's world where employees are working remotely or taking their laptop to multiple locations.

Corserva's PC Backup Service protects all your employees' workstations, both desktops and laptops, no matter where they are located. Data is backed up directly to the cloud and expertly managed by Corserva.

Eliminate Failed Backups

All you need is an internet connection. If the internet connection is interrupted during the backup process, the backup automatically pauses and resumes when the device connection is restored. No more failed or incomplete backups.

Restoration is expertly performed by Corserva 24x7x365, whether you need to restore one file or an entire workstation.

Protect Your Business Data

There are many causes of data loss. But no matter what reason for the loss, good business disaster recovery requires that you be able to restore your data, quickly and completely.

PC Backup Service

With Corserva's PC Backup Service, you gain protection from events that hamper employees' productivity or take a PC out of service, including:

Check mark     accidental deletion of files

Check mark     loss of equipment

Check mark     theft of equipment

Check mark     ransomware attacks


In the event of data loss, you can contact Corserva to restore your missing data. We are available 24x7x365 from our US based network operations centers via phone, email, and web.

The end result is your employees get back up and running as quickly as possible.

How It Works

  1. Corserva remotely installs a software agent on each of your employee's workstations.
  2. On each workstation, we back up all data to the cloud and monitor the performance of backups.
  3. When an employee needs a file restored or even the entire workstation, they simply contact Corserva 24x7x365 and we restore the files.

PC Backup Service

In cases where an entire workstation needs to be recovered, the restoration includes all custom configurations and applications for that workstation.


Pricing for Corserva's PC Backup Service

Corserva's PC Backup Service protects up to 1 TB per device. There are no extra charges for virtualization or recovery. Pricing is simple and discounted for annual commitments.

Check mark     Annually: $9.99 per PC per month

Check mark     Month-to-month: $14.99 per PC per month


Benefits of PC Backup Service

Recover individual files and folders

Roll back to a previous state after a ransomware attack

Restore a lost or stolen PC

Virtualize PCs


Features of PC Backup Service

Fast — Image based backup and cloud disaster recovery for quick restoration

Reliable — Screen verification to ensure backup success

Streamlined deployment — Agent based with no additional appliance required

Comprehensive — Support for Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktop and laptop PCs for up to 1 TB of data per device


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PC Backup Service


Lisa DeVoto

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