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Virtual CIO services
Lisa DeVotoJuly 9, 20192 min read

Best Practices in Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services

Recently, Corserva's VP of Technical Services, Sean McCloat, CISSP, was interviewed by Xaas Journal for an article on best practices that managed service providers (MSP) should follow when delivering virtual CIO services to clients. 

Read the complete article here: "How to Build the Best vCIO Offering."

How the Role of vCIO Can Benefit Your Business

Although the size of your company may not warrant a full time chief information officer (CIO) on staff, that doesn't mean your business can go without the critical technical advice the role of a vCIO provides.


"The vCIO should provide recommendations to the client where changes should be made, without promoting the MSP's services."

—Sean McCloat, CISSP


Business owners and executives need guidance in IT decisions that will enable them to reap the greatest reward from technology. Virtual CIO services give you an expert IT strategy that will provide you with more benefits from your technology and more return on your technology investment.


Gain Expert Guidance with Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services 

Corserva’s virtual CIO (vCIO) services are the most effective way to tie IT strategy to business objectives for those organizations that do not have senior technical leadership in place. In addition to our IT expertise, we have strong business knowledge in a number of vertical industries including education, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, manufacturing, non-profit, and retail. We have the breadth of experience to understand your business objectives and the technical depth to know which technologies to apply that will enable you to reach those objectives.

Corserva gives you the guidance of an affordable expert who can match business needs to technology potential, including process standardization and workflow. We bring the expertise and analysis that will turn your technology into a strategic advantage.

Types of vCIO Services

Corserva's vCIO services include:How to Build the Best vCIO Offering

check-mark Strategic and tactical advisory services

check-mark IT budgeting and cost control

check-mark IT infrastructure planning

check-mark IT migration projects, design, and implementation

check-mark IT Service Management (ITSM)

check-mark IT policies and governance


By leveraging the most expert advice on which technologies to adopt and exactly how to implement them, you will reap the greatest reward possible from the technology in which you invest. vCIO services ensure that you only spend money on technology that is worth it to your business. These services can stem the tide of exploding technology costs.

Benefits of vCIO Services

  • Invest in the technologies that will most contribute to business profits
  • Eliminate frustration when making technology decisions
  • Stop spending time and money evaluating technology options
  • Gain a secure, reliable IT infrastructure


Leverage Corserva's vCIO services to ensure you invest in the correct technology for your business. Request a quote today. 



Lisa DeVoto

Lisa has 25+ years of experience working for technology companies in B2B marketing and technical communications. She is driven to help people solve problems through educational content. Lisa has an MBA from University of Connecticut and a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.