The Benefits of Electronic Hotel Locks

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The most important purpose of a hotel’s security system is to provide a convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure experience for guests throughout their stay. Today's modern electronic access control systems can provide a competitive advantage for hoteliers by delivering the optimal guest experience.

New standards in security, manageability, and scalability can be achieved with advanced hotel door locks. These touch-free electronic access control systems are wire-free and keyless, and available in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes to complement any property’s style and door type.


In addition to hotels and resorts, access control solutions provide an unprecedented level of efficiency to other campus environments such as apartment buildings, condominiums, assisted living facilities, and universities.


Creating a Competitive Advantage for Hoteliers

New technologies are one way that owners can differentiate their properties in today’s environment where smartphones are prevalent and mobile access presents new opportunities for driving business to your hotel.

Physical keys have been replaced with rewritable plastic key cards and digital keys used via smartphone. Improvements can be achieved in both guest experiences and in hotel operations, a win-win for hotel operators.


Benefits of Electronic Access Control

  1. Staff Productivity - provide your employees with centralized control
  2. Security - manage access throughout a property with an integrated solution
  3. Guest Convenience - enable guests to skip the front desk
  4. Reduction in Operating Costs - integrate other guest room systems


Access control systems designed for hotels and resorts are electronic, wire free and key-less systems that provide a secure solution to manage all entry points throughout a property, not only for individual guest rooms but also for offices, external gates, business centers, fitness rooms, parking areas, etc. To maximize security, entry through every door can be controlled from one system.


Benefits of Access Control


1) Staff Productivity

When you can modify an employee’s access quickly and without redistributing hotel key cards, you increase productivity. A centralized system for access control enables operators to turn on or turn off access for any given entry point without the need to go to the door where the lock is. By reviewing historical data, you can measure the time employees spend at different activities; for example, how long it takes to clean a guest room.


2) Security

Electronic access control enables you to improve operations from back-of-house to front desk and manage all access points throughout a property from one central location. You can connect third-party systems with doors and locks to integrate security into a centralized solution.

By adopting an electronic access control solution, you can track who passes through every entry/exit point as well as the location of everyone that has access to the property.

With a modern access control solution, you can track who's getting in and out.

Guests gain peace of mind knowing there is a digital trail of who enters their room.


3) Guest Convenience

Remove one of the most common barriers to a seamless registration process by enabling guests to skip the front desk and instead use their smartphone to check in and out. When a guest's smartphone doubles as a room key, distribution of key cards is eliminated. No more lost or stolen keys. No more tracking of "master" keys.

In addition to digital keys stored on a guest's smartphone, you can provide access to guests using physical keys such as access cards or wristbands. You no longer need to worry about the loss of physical keys. These can be remotely disabled from the central system if necessary and upon guest checkout.


4) Reduce Operating Costs

Access control also offers opportunities for integration which further improves the guest experience while also generating cost savings for the hotelier. The following use cases are examples of integration that can be achieved with access control.

As a guest enters a room, the room comes to life automatically — the lights turn on, the temperature adjusts to a comfortable setting, and the window coverings open.


As a guest leaves the room, lights are turned off and any faucets left running are automatically turned off.




Features of Access Control

Today's modern access control solutions include these features:

Communication – wire free, read/write, networked locks that communicate with a central database

Design – upgradable locks and software to protect against obsolescence

Accessibility – remote access to monitor your systems anytime day or night

Environmental – energy saving device options to control energy use in unoccupied rooms

Mobile – Bluetooth enabled options for control via smartphone apps

Connection – seamless integration with other systems including CCTV, parking, license plate recognition, biometrics, fire alarm, and physical security information management systems

Security – granular management of access privileges

Growth – scalable to thousands of doors and millions of users

RFID – compatible with most common RFID technologies

Options – battery free, waterproof keys available as cards, fobs, and bracelets

Learn more about access control in the blog post, "10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Electronic Access Control Systems."


Rely on Corserva for Your Access Control Project

Corserva has the experience to install and manage access control deployment projects for single location boutique hotels as well as large multi-location hotel corporations. We provide and support electronic access control solutions from a variety of world-class manufacturers. We can design you a customized access control solution and even integrate it with other systems, such as energy management, to further decrease operating expenses.


Post Date: January 10, 2019 // 11:05 AM


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