Advantages of Access Control Systems (Watch the Video)

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Innovative safety features in modern access control systems protect guests when visiting hospitality properties and provide hoteliers a competitive advantage over other properties.

Improve Safety & Physical Security

In today's environment where smartphones are prevalent and people are concerned about safety, electronic access control systems enable hotel guests to use digital keys on their smartphones instead of physical keys to unlock doors when visiting a hotel or resort.

Safety and security features of physical access control systems include:

  • Touchless unlocking — Guests and staff can unlock doors and other access points with their mobile devices as they approach a door or entrance.
  • No apps — Unlike earlier generation systems, modern access control systems do not require guests to download an app (which many guests are not willing to do). Instead, a simple link is sent via text message (SMS) and the guest can open the digital key directly in their browser.
  • Elevator dispatch — Using their digital key, guests can call an elevator to their floor when they are ready to leave their room. Likewise, when entering the lobby, guests can enter an elevator to go directly to their floor, without touching any elevator buttons.
  • On-door check-in — Guests can completely skip the front desk check-in process, and instead go directly to their guest room door to use the lock to check in.
  • Centralized management of access points — Staff can centrally manage all access points from back-of-house to the front desk, and open doors located anywhere on the property, without physically going to the lock's location.
  • Antimicrobial covers — Additional protection can be provided for all visitors to a property with antimicrobial covers installed on door handles.
  • Choice of options — In addition to digital keys, other methods for access include cards, fobs, and bracelets


Comprehensive Management

Resorts and other properties can leverage the unique management features of today's access control systems, including:

  • Cloud based multi-tenancy — Staff can centrally manage all access points across all locations, and remotely lock or unlock doors anywhere in the world.
  • Membership administration — Membership level groups can be created to seamlessly manage access to amenities such as parking facilities, pools. spas, and executive lounges across all locations.
  • VIP guest notification — Staff can be alerted when a VIP guest has entered the property.
  • Proactive maintenance — To prevent lock outages that can take a guest room out of service, staff is alerted to physical issues that should be corrected such as low batteries in a lock.


Bring Your Guests Back with Modern Access Control Systems

Watch the video to learn the advantages of Premium Access Control systems.



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Post Date: January 5, 2021 // 1:33 PM


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